Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Enerco Energy is one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy developers and views solar energy as a growing alternative for electricity generation. Since 2000 we have utilized solar panels to provide a significant contribution towards our electricity demand at our headquarters.

Solar energy is a free, inexhaustible resource that comes in two forms, thermal and photovoltaic (PV). Thermal involves concentrating sunlight and converting it into heat as is common on most domestic roof systems. PV panels produce electricity directly without moving parts and are made from silicon. Power is produced when daylight strikes the semiconductor material and creates an electric current.

PV solar power has many advantages that make it “one of the most promising renewable energy sources in the world.” It is non-polluting, has no moving parts that could break down, requires little maintenance and no supervision, and has a life of 20-30 years with low running costs. Remote areas can easily produce their own supply of electricity.

Enerco have been granted full planning permission and secured grid connections for a number of solar sites in Ireland. We have successfully secured the government renewable energy support scheme (RESS) on a number of projects so these are currently either preparing for or under construction. We believe that solar energy is becoming an increasingly economic choice as the technology gets cheaper and have a pipeline of sites at various stage of preparation for development across the country.

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