What We Do

Wind Energy

Enerco Energy is one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies who develop, construct and operate projects that contribute towards the creation of a sustainable future.
Ireland is particularly suited to wind power generation as it is positioned on the western side of Europe which allows it to take advantage of strong winds from the Atlantic Ocean particularly along the western seaboard. Expansive mountain ranges guarantee a plentiful amount of potential wind farm sites.

Wind energy provides a clean, sustainable solution to our energy problems. It can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels in generating electricity, without the direct emission of greenhouse gases and there will always be wind; it is inexhaustible and renewable.
Wind energy has many benefits as it is a freely available, emission free alternative to imported fuels which are polluting our environment. Ireland’s vast renewable energy resources can help us to reduce our reliance on costly fuel imports and stabilise our security of supply for future economic growth.

It is envisaged that wind power will continue to make the most significant contribution to the achievement of national and international targets for green electricity, due to its environmental benefits, technological maturity and competitiveness. Enerco Energy possess all the capabilities and resources to plan, design, develop, build and operate a successful wind farm. We have a pipeline of sites at various stage of preparation for development across the country.